Is your driveway looking a little old?

Driveways are built to last for years, but not forever. It would be kind of nice if they would last forever — but they won’t.

So Why Won’t My Whatcom Driveway Last Longer?
Your driveway needs occasional maintenance because Mother Nature is working against it every day of the year.

To start with, if you have an asphalt driveway, the sun is slowly fading the deep black color that your approach originally had.

And moisture, changes in temperature, freezing and thawing are also at work trying to penetrate and expand any small cracks that exist in your driveway.

Insects and rodents can be moving around alongside it and burrowing underneath it, making tunnels, affecting the integrity of the base surface and helping water get underneath it. The base foundation under the structure can be slightly shifting and undergoing tiny, but continual, change as well.

Unlike some areas of your property, driveways do not require that much maintenance from a homeowner. But most do need a little bit of care once in a while.

For instance, if you have an asphalt driveway, you may not have noticed how much the surface has faded since you put it in. When it was first built, it was a deep black color; now it is much lighter.

If you get yours sealed again, you might be surprised at how black it is and how much better it looks.

Resurfacing your driveway also helps it last longer. A freshly sealed surface will not have cracks. Cracks let water penetrate the surface. And on some winter evenings, that water can freeze and expand, which can make the crack bigger and the problem worse.

Build Your New Driveway
Maybe you want to upgrade your current house approach to a more custom one. A Bellingham driveway company can design and build a brand new approach to your home that will look awesome from the street.

Your Bellingham driveway builder can show you different designs and building components to choose from. There is always asphalt and concrete, but there is also brick, stone or a combination of them.

A Bellingham driveway contractor can drive by your place and take a look at your neighborhood and your property. You’ll get their advice on how to repair your driveway or what it would take to build a new one.

It’s so easy to get started. Just make a phone call. Talk it over.

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