Concrete or Asphalt Driveway Paving and Repair Near Melrose

Got a problem with your driveway?

Ready to get it taken care of?

When it’s time to fix or replace yours, get a professional to check it out.

LA Construction, Service and Repairs

A local contractor has the experience to go over your situation and provide some decent advice.

There are alternatives with what materials to build with. Contractors often work with asphalt and concrete, but upgrades using exposed aggregate and stone pavers are available too.

Almost any job will get worked on as well. Commercial and residential, big and small jobs all get done.

Issues With Driveways

Most driveway maintenance is pretty standard and the jobs are completed quickly. Many of these jobs are related to one of four general topic areas.

  • Potholes and cracks
  • Stains
  • Fading and resealing
  • Erosion or structure issues such as heaving

Blacktop Repairs – Patch or New Paving

If you have a long driveway, and you’re thinking of constructing a new one, asphalt may be a sensible choice because of the low cost.

Your contractor can work on any type of maintenance, including filling up holes and mending cracks.

As your blacktop gets old, it will fade and even crack. Having it sealed again can help it last longer and look better as well.

Concrete Pavement Repair

Concrete can be the recommended choice in many neighborhoods. It lasts a long time and won’t be that expensive.

A local concrete company will design and construct a brand new driveway, walkway or patio.

These folks will do any maintenance jobs you need also. They can seal slabs or fill joints and cracks.

Melrose Driveway Resealing and Repair

Your driveway should last for many years, but it can’t last forever, it may need a little upkeep along the way.

The majority of maintenance visits involve filling small holes, repairing cracks or resealing the surface.

Sometimes the underlayment base or foundation wears unevenly due to erosion. That will get repaired as well.

Basic repair and service do not tend to be very costly.

And since they extend the life of your pavement, they are usually a practical project to have done.

Replacing Your Driveway

If you’re a little embarrassed by your current driveway, you could build one you will be proud of.

When you replace your current one, you will have the advantage of picking whatever design and materials you want.

You can count on your paving contractor to help you with the style and materials selection. They understand what looks nice and lasts in our hot weather.

When you decided upon the style and materials, your contractor will take care of the rest of the job.

They will remove your old one, collect the materials for the new one, take care of any issues with water drainage, and make certain the new one satisfies all building codes and paperwork.

Concrete Pavers

If you are looking for a more attractive drive, you don’t need to settle for just concrete or asphalt. There are alternatives.

Homeowners who can afford it often build with interlocking paving stones to give their drive a classic brick look.

You can speak with your contractor about using exposed aggregate, stamped, imprinted or colored concrete options too. They are generally economical and deliver a custom appearance.

Construction Cost Close to Melrose

Curious about what the price tag might be?

Your final price will be depending on the types of building materials you are using and the amount of time it requires to build it.

What about the cost of repairs or maintenance?

They will fluctuate too, depending on what style of driveway you have and what you want done.

Fast Contractor Estimates

If you need your drive serviced, we’ll try to give you an estimate and as much information as we can when you call.

If you’re wondering what the price could be for a new driveway, there are several options to pick from.

A good contractor can work with you to find out what you would like, learn your budget and come up with a few excellent options.

Have One of the Finest Driveways on the Street

Having problems with the way your old driveway is looking?

If you want, you can have a new one constructed that really makes your home’s exterior look good.

Or if you don’t want a new one right now, maybe getting your old one repaired is the better path.

Having it patched and resurfaced might be a good plan.

Wondering How to Begin?

You could start by speaking with a paving contractor in your area of LA.

You can talk about what you would like, hear some advice and maybe proceed with the next step if you want.

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