Is your Tacoma driveway showing its age?

Driveways are not designed to last forever. It would be nice if they would last a lifetime — but they won’t.

The elements are working on your driveway every day of the year. The sun is trying to fade the deep black color that your asphalt pavement originally had.

Changes in temperature, moisture, freezing and thawing are at work trying to penetrate and put stress on any small cracks that may exist in your driveway as well. Insects and small animals are moving around and tunneling alongside and underneath it. The base foundation underneath may be slightly shifting and undergoing changes as well.

Unlike most parts of your home, driveways do not require much maintenance from a homeowner, but most do need a little care every once in a while.

For example, if you have an asphalt driveway, you may not have noticed how much it has faded. When it was first laid out, it was deep black; now it is much lighter. If you get yours freshly sealed, you might be surprised at how deep black it is and how much better it looks.

Sealing your driveway also helps it last longer. A new sealed surface will have no cracks and will do a much better job at shutting out water which will keep any new cracks from starting and expanding.

Planning for a New Driveway
Maybe you want to upgrade your current driveway with a more custom one. A Tacoma driveway company can design and construct a brand new approach to your home that will look great from the street.

Your Tacoma driveway builder can show you many different designs and components to choose from. Besides asphalt, you can select from brick, concrete, stone, or a combination of building materials.

A Tacoma driveway contractor can come over and examine your property and neighborhood. They can give you their advice on either how to repair your current one or what it would take to build a new one.

It’s so easy to get started. Just make a phone call and talk it over.

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